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Imagine, Design, Create offers a wide-ranging look at how the creative process and the tools of design are dramatically changing-and where design is headed in the coming years. Bringing together stories of good design happening around the world, the book shows how people are using fresh design approaches and new capabilities to solve problems, create opportunities, and improve the way we live and work.

From the impact of SOM's Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland to the spark that inspired Thomas Heatherwick's U.K. Pavilion in Shanghai; from the new processes fueling Zaha Hadid's extraordinary architecture to the digital tools Ford is using to transform car design, each of these stories explores questions that swirl around the idea of design. How does design change our lives for the better? How is our capacity to produce good design evolving? How will the next generation of designers work? What will they make? What new areas of human experience is design opening for us? Now that designers can do almost anything-what should they do?

Prepare yourself: How things are made is changing. The digital and physical are uniting, from innovative methods to sense and understand our world to machines that learn and design in ways no human ever could; from 3D printing to materials with properties that literally stretch possibility; from objects that evolve to systems that police themselves. The results will radically change our world―and ourselves.

The Future of Making illustrates these transformations, showcasing stories and images of people and ideas at the forefront of this radical wave of innovation. Designers, architects, builders, thought leaders―creators of all kinds―have contributed to this look at the materials, connections, and inventions that will define tomorrow. But this book doesn't just catalog the future; it lays down guidelines to follow, new rules for how things are created, that make it the ultimate handbook for anyone who wants to embrace the true future of making.


Exponential Technology, Business Disruption



Today’s business mantra is speed, flexibility and radical innovation. Success in our sharply competitive and chaotic world depends on the willingness to explore and act on possibility. However, few businesses know how to create cultures of innovation.

Putting imagination at the center of business can lead to remarkable transformation. Where would computing be today if Gates, Grove and Jobs didn’t act on their sense of possibility? Businesses that invest in ideas realize the greatest return on imagination. They know ideas are the currency of the future.

Business and imagination are equally important and it is time to intertwine them in a more significant way than ever before. Return On Imagination gives you the tools and insight that spark your inner genius to thrive in the imagination economy.

Business Disruption, Creative Collaboration



Five Star Mind teaches you to unlock and expand the creative potential you already possess -- although you might not know it -- and develop it to give you confidence and skills that will enhance your work and your life.

Using puzzles, tips, thought association, relaxation techniques, games of "What If," and constant questioning, Tom Wujec cajoles you into realizing your inherent power for creative thought and expression. In addition to helping you discover your innate abilities, Wujec shows you innumerable ways to apply your new ideas and creativity to work, to everyday life, or to just having fun. With Five Star Mind, you participate in the creative process, develop your inventiveness and imagination, and enhance skills that will have you cooking up five-star ideas of your own!

Business Disruption, Creative Collaborations



Pumping Ions explores ways to improve mental strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination by exercising your mind with simple (but not easy) tasks. While some exercises encourage a gentle stretching of attention by applying mindful meditation techniques, others demand that you apply your core mental strength and actively manipulate mental images, words, numbers, body senses, as well as apply logic and lateral problem-solving techniques.

The fundamental goal of Pumping Ions is to provide tools to increase your working memory, your mind’s workspace, the place you make sense of things, analyze, synthesize and consciously decide.

Our primary mental muscle is attention. By Pumping Ions, you enhance your capacity to focus your attention on whatever you want, for as long as you want, in the way that you want. More than ever, these exercises are envigorating, nourishing and stimulating in a time of continual distraction.

Business Disruption, Creative Collaborations

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