Pumping Ions is cross-training for the brain. 

It explores ways to improve mental strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination by exercising your mind with simple (but not easy) tasks. While some exercises encourage a gentle stretching of attention by applying mindful meditation techniques, others demand that you apply your core mental strength and actively manipulate mental images, words, numbers, body senses, as well as apply logic and lateral problem-solving techniques.

The fundamental goal of Pumping Ions is to provide tools to increase your working memory, your mind’s workspace, the place you make sense of things, analyze, synthesize and consciously decide.

Our primary mental muscle is attention. By Pumping Ions, you enhance your capacity to focus your attention on whatever you want, for as long as you want, in the way that you want. More than ever, these exercises are envigorating, nourishing and stimulating in a time of continual distraction.

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