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"To exercise one's mind is to sharpen and improve the most human thing a human being possesses. Tom Wujec shows you how to do it and amply fun, as well." ISAAC ASIMOV, International Vice President, Mensa

Pumping Ions Book Cover

Pumping Ions: Games & Exercises to Flex the Mind

Translated into 20 languages and selling over 250,000 copies internationally, Pumping Ions is one of the original books to explore the realm of mental exercise and brain fitness. Its fundamental principles of building up mental strength and endurance along with increasing mental flexibility and agility are even more relevant in today's world.

Five Star Mind Book Cover

Five Star Mind: Games and Puzzles to Flex the Imagination

Following the extraordinary international success of Pumping Ions, Five Star Mind teaches approaches to unlock and expand creative potential. Building on the metaphor of creative work as meal preparation, Five Star Mind unpacks the creative process into familiar activities: cultivating an appetite and gathering raw ingredients, cutting and mixing, cooking and tasting. Packed with exercises, puzzles and stories, Five Star Mind provides fresh tools for creative thinking.

Return on Imagination Book Cover

Return on Imagination: Realizing the Power of Ideas

Return on Imagination tells the story of how leading innovators bring more imagination into their business. Filled with interviews and case studies from Design, Manufacturing, Technology, Finance and other industries, Return on Imagination demonstrates how to establish environments that foster invention, introduces tools to promote exploration and discovery, techniques for managing risk and methods for measuring the value of innovation.