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Envisioning Sustainability

Picking up where An Inconvenient Truth left off, Tom Wujec's visually stunning presentation shows you in a way you've never seen before the real scope of the sustainability problems we face with a real solutions - at industry, company and a personal levels - that can alleviate CO2 emissions, water use, and other green issues. Envisioning a Sustainable World uses new previously unseen visualizations to illustrate where greenhouse gases come from, what impact food production, building use, and transportation are having on our environment, and most importantly the impact of everyday choices. What emits more CO2, your car or your house? What is the impact of reusing plastic bags? How is innovation and design systematically greening food processing, transportation and architecture? Wujec also unveils the emerging technology of EcoViz tools, which calculate the impact of making everything from cars to shoes, and illustrate the complex nature of our green challenge. Talking throughout about the power of personal choice, Wujec engages audiences and delivers an interactive look at sustainability - what it is, and how to achieve it.