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Fostering Creative Innovation & Visual Collaboration

Visual Innovation

Drawn from leading innovators in the Film, Game, Design, Architecture Industries and supported by emerging brain science, Visual Innovation illustrates the dramatic power of collaborating using words and images. With simple, practical approaches to help teams orient, plan and structure their work, this keynote presents the unexpected: how virtually every aspect of a managing a project - from formulating a shared understanding of the current situation to creating a clear and compelling vision, and from mapping out daily tasks to measuring the outcome of work - can be dramatically enhanced by making ideas visible. Even more surprising is how the often gnarly, yet vital aspects of team work, such as trust, risk and happiness, can be visualized and clarified using graphic representations.

Visible Innovation will demonstrate how virtually any team can improve their collaboration by viewing their projects through universal lenses:

Lens One - Discovery & Context: Making real sense of the current situation.

Lens Two - Vision & Mission: Clarifying their vision for success.

Lens Three - Mission & Strategy: Identifying team destination and intent for success.

Lens Four - Process & Structure: Developing a clear plan of action plan and ownership.

Lens Five - Culture & Action: Improving how work is done.

Lens Six - Measure & Reward: Assessing how well work is accomplished.