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Fostering Creative Innovation & Visual Collaboration


Visual Prototyping

Tom helps leadership teams solve thorny problems by guiding them through a remarkable process called visual collaboration. Developed from extensive experience working in creative industries, this unique approach combines visualization with rapid prototyping to dramatically enhance collaboration.

Teams are surrounded by panoramic visualizations, wall drawings, sketches and illustrations that depict their business landscape, vision, strategy, process and ultimately, their action plans. From the very start of the workshop, each participant becomes an active prototyper, designing, building, even acting out past, present and future scenarios. The combination of making ideas visible, tangible and persistent has a profound effect, unleashing previously locked up creative energy into breakthrough solutions.

Tom offers two classes of workshops: Facilitated Workshops and Teaching Workshops.

Facilitated Workshops

Visual Prototyping

Tom leads a variety of visual collaboration workshops to help teams envision future products, services or workflows, figure out solutions, or simply to explore fresh approaches to innovation by applying best practices from industries outside their own. Most workshops are two days in length. Day One establishes a groundwork of the current situation, frames the context and shapes the draft vision. Day Two focuses on the creation of specific business artifacts - posters, magazine articles, movies, product prototypes - whatever is necessary to formulate a clear action plan.


Visual Prototyping

Strategy visualizations create frameworks for sustained business growth. Using the principles of visual collaboration, this workshop makes the essential elements of a strategic plan visible. It encompasses trends and pressures, customers and unmet needs, competitors and investments. The heart of the workshop clarifies the essential nature of the company's raison d'etre,  who it will serve and what its key activities will be for long term sustainability with careful balancing of traditional metrics for business success with the less tangible aspects that define its unique spirit. The vision is then rendered into several prototypes (a poster, an ad, a movie, an editorial piece) to make that success tangible and to crystalize what competitively separates the organization from its competitors. Workshops also include photographs, a book of documentation and a collection of movies of the team describing their results in the visualization room.


Visible Innovation Workshop

Innovation visualizations enable teams to formulate fresh perspectives on their innovation process, to clearly and collaboratively envision who their future customer will be, what needs can be served, and the products, services or fresh approaches that will meet their customers unmet needs. Visual innovation brings together a wide range of practices including ethnographic insight, customer tracking, direct observation and many other techniques to help teams reframe their business to generate insight and competitive differentiation. While this workshop typically focuses on a specific challenge, it is also an opportunity to develop a range of solutions including a powerful new pipeline for innovation.

Training Workshops

Tom leads a variety of workshops that teach individuals how to lead teams in visual collaboration. Pioneered at Autodesk's Visualization University, this workshop teaches the fundamentals of visual communication, active listening and team dynamics using markers and paper or digital stylus and Tablet PC.

Panoramic Collaboration

Visual Prototyping

This workshop teaches how to graphically record and facilitate team meetings using rolls of plotting paper, markers and sticky notes. You'll learn the tangible aspects of visual collaboration such as how and what to draw to lead a team forward, how to use sticky notes to present and re-present ideas. You'll also learn to manage the intangible aspects of collaboration directing four flows of team energy: attention, information, emotion and physical comfort.

Creating Agile Project Rooms

Visual Prototyping

Effective teams know that creating momentum is a critical success factor in moving toward goals. They also know that an Agile Project Room, a physical place where all critical aspects of a project are made visible, tangible and persistent, is a powerful way to maintain and build momentum. This one-day workshop helps teams transport their business documents - from vision, strategy, goals and workflow process - into a set of clear, simple, and persistent diagrams that establishes a unified framework for coordinating work.

Visual Collaboration Using Digital Sketching

Visual Prototyping

This workshop introduces participants to the hardware, software, drawing techniques and approaches to master visual collaboration. Tablet PCs, Tablet enabled PCs and Macs have transformed the sketching experience, successfully transferring the loose feel of pencil and marker illustration into a digital workflow. This half day workshop helps people use digital tools to capture key ideas, lead a discussion, and visually frame decisions and actions using the powerful combination of a Tablet PC, video projector and web connection.