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Selected Projects

This Archive collection of projects includes creative direction, production, design and animation in the public and private sectors.

Pattern in the Land

Client Name:Golden State Museum

Patterns in the Land is a revolutionary interactive exhibit that combines ultra-high-resolution satellite imagery projected on to a topographically accurate relief map of the State of California. Visitors can walk around the 20 foot exhibit and choose to project from 300 images illustrating the states geology, earth quake patterns and risks, flow of water, transportation and ecosystems.

The Astrolabe

Client Name :Golden State Musuem

The Astrolabe interactive display has been featured in many Digital Media conferences in Europe and North America as an elegant solution to the problem of presenting complex ideas in visually exhilarating ways. This interactive features an accurate 3D reconstruction of a 16th Century Moorish Astrolabe as well as geometry depicting the relationship between the sky and the device.

Strategic Planning for Cultural Institutions

Client Name :National Gallery (Washington), National Gallery (London), The Getty (Los Angeles), The Louvre (Paris), Ernst & Young (Toronto), Association of Art Museum Directors (Seattle)

This presentation, workshop and multimedia prototype projects approaches to developing workable strategies and sustainable production process for New Media. The workshop combines high-technology production techniques with simple but essential communication principles to illustrate how to harness the power of the New Media. This workshop and seminar series has been conducted in many public and private sector corporations throughout North America and Europe.

Living and Working in Space

Client Name :The Museum of Science & Technology (Ottawa)

This collection of four interactive workstations combines live video, 2D and 3D computer animation as well as innovative multimedia activities to illustrate the how people live and work in space. The bi-lingual multimedia exhibits contained over 700 screens and were part of the Museum’s Canada in Space Gallery.

Through the Multimedia Maze

Client Name :Pegasus Healthcare International

Through the Multimedia Maze is comprehensive tour of the ever-changing world of information technology as applied to the Healthcare industry. Targeted at the pharmaceutical sector, this workshop combines multimedia video interviews of Healthcare and Information Technology professionals and up-to-the-minute market facts to provide executives with the tools to create viable New Media Strategies. The speaker support included 3D animation, dynamic activities, simulations and live web connections.

Banking Prototypes

Client Name :Pegasus Healthcare International

These prototype applications helped a major Canadian bank develop new models for online banking systems. Based on the Windows 95 operating system, the prototype interfaces explored three distinctly different approaches to managing information and conducting financial transactions.

The Ontario Explorer

Client Name:Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Reich & Petch Architects

The Ontario Explorer, developed for the Canada Pavilion at the Seville World Expo, provides visitors with an interactive tour of the province of Ontario. Based on high-resolution satellite imagery, this interactive illustrates the geography and geology of Ontario. The exhibit was produced in less than 10 weeks, utilized over 2 gigabytes of satellite imagery and ran as part of the most popular pavilion at the World Exposition.

Digital Rhetoric: Understanding the New Media

Client Name:Self-Published

Digital Rhetoric is a book, web site and CD-ROM title which attempts to fulfill the promise of the Wired world. Rather than focusing on technology, the book deals with basic communication issues and how to write, design and manage New Media that is persuasive and effective as a communications tool. Readers will learn why developing New Media requires an interactive process, why it’s vital to learn from other forms of media such as film, architecture comic books, even illuminated manuscripts . Readers will also learn how to apply essential communication principles to the worlds of CD-ROM production, web sites design, digital marketing, training applications, entertainment, among many others forms of New Media.

OFDC New Media Fund

Client Name:Ontario Film Development Corporation

The Ontario Film Development Corporation commissioned a provincial competition to research and analyze the state of New Media development in Ontario. As the successful competitor, the ROM interviewed over 100 media specialists from the film, television, multimedia, financing and distribution sectors. The final recommendation to create a $500,000 New Media development fund was accepted and implemented by the Ontario Film Development Corporation and over 50 viable applications were submitted to the Corporation.

The Saudi Museum Project

Client Name:Moriyama and Teshima Architects, The National Museum: Saudi Arabia

Developed the concept and prototypes for a Multimedia Center and collection of interactive exhibit was developed with Moriyama and Teshi Architects.


Client Name:Personal Venture

ThinkerToys is an exciting collection of book and CD-ROM titles designed to encourage children to explore the worlds of science, nature and invention. Aimed at the 8 to 14 year-old children’s market (and their parents), each title features a 64 page book and a dual platform CD-ROM of interactive graphics, imaginative activities and three-dimensional objects and environments. This project, currently in development, uses Quicktime VR technology and engaging interfaces to allow children to explore and tinker with scientifically accurate object oriented worlds.p>

ThinkerToys Astronomy

ThinkerToys Cell