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Knowledge Maps

Knowledge maps are collections of sketches that record the big ideas of presenters in conferences and events. Unlike typical meeting notes, these colorful visual renderings capture the tone, specific concepts as well as the intent of the speakers in simple, gestural lines. For many conference participants, the sketches bring back the ideas more vividly than photographs or transcripts. The notes can be animated into time lines or montages, assembled into meaning maps or posters, printed and posted on walls as well distributed digitally or physically. Here are a very sample of the more than 10,000 sketches I've made in the past few years from major events that I've either spoken at or recorded over the past few years.

Malcolm Gladwell on Why Asians are Better at Math

This collection of 18 sketches made with a Tablet PC illustrates a 30 minute talk given by Malcolm Gladwell on "Why Asians are So Much Better at Math" at a Fortune Innovation Conference. The presentation included no PowerPoint or other speaker support. I've converted his big ideas into a sketches of words and images, striving to encapsulate the essential messages.

PopTech 2008 Montage

This animation sequence illustrates a portion of the approximately 450 sketches of 50 speakers I made at the Pop!Tech Conference in 2008. The animation shows the sheer volume of interested ideas presented. A pdf book of the sketches can be found here.

Design Leadership Conference Wall Montage

At the Sarasota International Design Conference, I recorded about 400 sketches and incorporated another 100 from 6 students who were also visually recording the conference. When printed out during the event, the participants could follow the full progression of ideas, comparing and contrasting themes.

Polly LaBarre on Business Mavericks

These sketches record a talk given by Polly LaBarre on a book called "Mavericks in Business." What's interesting about the Knowledge Maps is that they not only record the key ideas and central points, they also capture the jokes and off-hand comments of the speaker which are sometimes as meaningful and memorable as the formal presentation.

Knowledge Map Book and Poster

VHA Conference Knowledge Map

Knowledge maps can be delivered as Adobe Acrobat books or posters for easy distribution. Here are two versions from a keynote presentation at a VHA conference. The sketches of the VHA CEO keynote were make in front of the audience of 5000 people, represented back during my keynote, and then distributed to the audience the same day.

Download VHA Conference Knowledge Map as a Poster - pdf (7.5 mb)
Download VHA Conference Knowledge Map as a Series of Images - pdf (1.1 mb)