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Strategy Workshops

Strategy is complex.

In this facilitated workshop, Tom guides teams through a landscape of their business, using large murals that visually depict their business. The goal of this deeply collaborative workshop is for a team to develop an honest assessment of their current situation, a shared vision of what success looks like for them, a clear set of goals and overarching framework that integrates their goals and a precise plan for action.

In Strategy Visualization, the team views their project through six lenses, or frames of reference to coordinate their points of view:

Lens One - Context & Discovery: Understand the real nature of their current situation.

Lens Two - Mission & Purpose: Clarify their vision for success.

Lens Three - Goals & Strategy: Clarify the essential objectives for competitive separation.

Lens Four - Process & Structure: Clarify the way work is done and who does it.

Lens Five - Culture & Action: Clarify the underlying tone and values of collaboration.

Lens Six - Measure & Reward: Clarify how well work is done and reward achievements.

Strategy Visualization helps teams align their thinking and feeling more quickly by making both the intangible and tangible aspects of their work visible, interactive and peristent.