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About Tom

“What we need is more people who specialize in the impossible.” Theodore Roethke

Tom Wujec is a Fellow at Autodesk, the world's leader in 2D & 3D design technology. As a recognized thought-leader and award-winning innovator, Tom works with the Fortune 500 to foster innovation practices at all stages, from strategic and business planning to the design and implementation of digital design tools. Common to each practice is the application of making work visible, and transforming ideas into images that enhance clarity, engagement and persistent intelligent action.

Tom has brought several software applications to market including Autodesk SketchBook Pro, PortfolioWall, and is a pioneer of business visualization the emerging practice of using images, sketches and data-driven infographics to help teams make better sense of their work.

Tom is also the author of three books on creative thinking and is a highly sought after international speaker who shares fundamental principles in innovation talks, workshops and knowledge maps. Tom has worked as a creative director, writer and animator, has designed dozens of museum exhibits, and was part of a team that won an Academy Award for its software contribution to the film industry.