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TED2006: Earth VizSonification

This VizStonification, a blend of a visualization and sonification, is a collaboration between the musician, Thomas Dolby, and myself for the TED 2006 Conference. Part of a series of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, this particular sonification is a combination Maya and Combustion animation in three parts. The first illustrates the positions of earthquakes since 1975 of magnitude 7.5 or larger. The sound of the earthquake corresponds to its relative strength. The second part of the animation illustrates the Tsunami waves from the Christmas 2004 Indonesian earthquake. The sound of the earthquake is derived from the seismic waveform. The subsequent rising and falling sounds correspond to the change in sea levels as the Tsunami washes over five regions in the Indian Ocean: Bande Aceh, Phuket, Sri Lanka, Chenai, and the Maldives. The final part of the animation illustrates the areas most damaged and the toll of human casualties.

Tsunami Screen Shot