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Today, Ashlee Vance wrote a feature article on the Singularity University for the Sunday New York Times.


The article does an admiral job of describing the value of the Singularity University, who attends and what value the program provides to the participants. But it misses some of the texture and intensity of the material that actually is taught at the 40 day course and 10 day executive program.

As an adjunct professor at Singularity University, I’ve had the privilege of participating in the full executive program, graphically recording the entire event, running the marshmallow challenge, presenting some emerging practices of design thinking techniques as well as facilitating the development of projects, investments and businesses.


The visualizations measure about 200 feet x 4 feet and were draw freely as the speakers presented. The visualizations emerged to become an important part of the program as they visually depicted the core ideas and provided a persistent visual framework for all the participants to see the full panorama of trends, breakthroughs, patterns, questions, big ideas.

Singularity University is a deeply immersive program that combines the diverse and eclectic quality of TED speakers with the intensity of an A-list MBA bootcamp. From Nanotechnology to Space Science and from BioInformatics to approaches to tackle Global Warming, the visual montage provides a visual backdrop to collect, compare and develop ideas.

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