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Clarity Toolkit

Today I’m posting the initial launch of the beta version of the Clarity Toolkit: Bringing Business Back to its Senses. If you’re interested in downloading a copy of the 80 page handbook, a poster, and a deck of 80 cards, sign up below and I’ll send you a beta copy within a few weeks.

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84 Responses to “Signup for the Open Source Clarity Toolkit”

Tonya Surman October 29, 2009

Love to learn about this… we are open sourcing our business model right now… very fascinating process…. can’t wait to read both your product and process and to contribute.

and yes, I was sitting beside you at the Artscape event.

Michael Salem October 29, 2009

Saw you today at Creative Places + Spaces. Great presentation!

Ray Guyot October 30, 2009

That sounds amazing.Love to see it too.

Linda McCormick October 30, 2009

I am the facilities manager for a dance company and dance school. I attended Creative Places + Spaces yesterday; really enjoyed your presentation. Am looking forward to your toolkit.

thank you for sharing

mireille massue October 30, 2009

saw you at the creative places + spaces. alot to think about

Noah Aiken-Klar November 3, 2009

Would love to see the toolkit! Thanks for your presentations at the conference.

Holly Shephard November 4, 2009

Saw you at Creative Places + Spaces and I am intrigued and energized. Looking forward to the tool kit so I can keep on playing.

katherine kerr November 5, 2009

Hello Tom

I very much enjoyed your presentation at the Arstcape conference last week.

You mentioned an “open source book - clarity tool kit” you would be willing to share with us all. I’d love to receive it.

Ola Kärnström November 9, 2009

Hey, not sure what this is, but after seeing your Ted presentation I assume it going to be quality.

Thanks for sharing

Susan Stehlik November 17, 2009

I am a professor at Stern School of Business and a Communication Consultant. I’d love to get a beta version and I know we could collaborate.


Jeet Athukorale November 19, 2009

Like your ideas during CPS and want to learn more.

Leah Strigler November 20, 2009


Pramod Prasanth November 22, 2009

Would be great to see the beta of the tool kit and hope to get some sense. Cheers.

Fiona Chapman November 24, 2009

I saw your presentation at the Creative Places + Spaces event and was inspired by your message about communicating with prototypes. We have a new Walking Strategy in Toronto and it would help residents and decision-makers to move past ‘imagine’ to ‘let’s do it’ - if we were able to visually show more pedestrian-friendly streets and spaces in all parts of Toronto. I think of it as visualizing change.

Victor Liberto Ramoh December 19, 2009

I wish to learn, evolve, and contribute…

Karen Bennett December 28, 2009

I was blown away by your presentations and sessions at VizThink ‘08 and ‘09. Can’t get enough! Would love to see the Clarity Toolkit if I’m not too late.

Michael Potts December 30, 2009

Great perspectives, Tom. I’m CEO of Rocky Mountain Institute (www.rmi.org). We are working on some huge thorny problems and I believe that yout insightful approach will be helpful.

Were you at AU? Our Chief Scientist, Amory Lovins, was a keynote…and we are working with some Autodesk staff on codifying innovations in the design of buildings and industrial processes. Carl bass spoke on a panel I moderated in April…and I see a close connection linking our work of “shifting from fossil fuels to efficiency and renewable energy sources” to your work…the complexity and intense collaboration require new ways of thinking.

Thanks for your good work. Would very much like to see this work and am curious as to whether you might want to learn more about our work.

Very best,

Michael Potts

Natalie Currie December 30, 2009

Can’t wait to try this set of tools out.



mariosa January 1, 2010

I am an improvisational dance artist. and avid neuroscience buff. I am conduct workshops in accessing the informational field through the art of movement and I organize cruises to teach how to evolve you brain . would love to see your toolkit. thank you.

Hector Villaverde January 4, 2010

I saw your presentation at TED. I want to improve my communication skills and you are on the crest of the wave.

John Cabra January 10, 2010

I saw your presentation at Ted. It was compelling. I look forward to obtaining a copy of your handbook, etc.

Dave King January 15, 2010

Looking forward to it!

Victoria St. George January 18, 2010

Dear Tom — thanks again for your work at Business Mastery. You are a rock star!

Lisa Koslow January 18, 2010

Hi Tom,

Your presentation and presents at Business Mastery was invaluable! Would love a copy of your beta version of Clarity ToolKit.

I know you are probably inundated from the week. I will try to connect with you next week to discuss how we might identify a mutually beneficial way to structure a business relationship.

Best regards,

Juliana Uto January 18, 2010

Tom - to echo Vicki, you were AMAZING at Business Mastery! So Loved how you captured the event in pictures and the ‘games’. Thank You!!!

Geraldine Chapman January 19, 2010

Tom -

Thank you for presenting at Business Mastery in Las Vegas! Your presentation, materials and exercises were incredible. I look forward to implementing your innovation exercises with my team.

Best Regards -

Geraldine Chapman

Patty Soffer January 19, 2010

Tom, you so inspired me at BM this past week. I cannot wait to see the Clarity Toolkit and look very forward to seeing you again one day.



Joey Coleman January 21, 2010


I loved your presentations and drawings at Business Mastery! I can’t wait to have a piece of your drawing hanging in my office ;-)

Please send a copy of the Clarity Toolkit… I’d love to see it…

All the best,


Alan Robichaud January 22, 2010

You were a highlight at Business Mastery in Las Vegas,,, great job…
Can’t wait to try the Clarity Tool Kit…

Wayne Smith January 27, 2010

When everyone asked me about the BM Las Vegas, you are the one of the highlights of my week. Thanks so much for sharing your unique abilitiy to inspire innovation. I look forward to the clarity toolkit to share with my team.


Philip Olsen January 28, 2010

Business Mastery attendee - one of Tony’s Plats

Shereen Lim January 30, 2010

I attended Business Mastery and would be interested in checking out the Clarity Toolkit.
Also, was there a digital version of the wall mural available for purchase?


Tom Picard January 31, 2010

Definitely looking forward to this!

Jon Pittman February 4, 2010

Tom - please send me a copy of the cards. When will the book be available?

Jim Rutkowski Jr February 7, 2010

I enjoyed all your presentations at business mastery in Las Vegas.
It is always great to seeing fellow Polish folks educating the world as we know it and trying to improve it through visualization. Your tools will help our team see in a better light where we are going. Look forward to seeing and using the clarity toolkit. I hope one day to bring you to our community as well.
All the best.
Jim Rutkowski Jr

Khair-un-Nisa Simmonds February 14, 2010

I would really appreciate your Clarity Toolkit. I think it would be really useful in work with my team.

David Schneider February 16, 2010


Thanks for your time at Business Mastery. I would love a copy of the clarity toolkit.

Thanks you.


Roger Carlsen March 1, 2010

I’m following pretty much everything you present and write. I am writing and presenting on visual mapping as a favorite tool for advance organizers. I’m now looking at the steps beyond one’s personal mind mapping. Your collaboration step is a natural, especially when you use so many people and keep the graphic up for future understanding and development. Sustainability in a business transformation is also a natural add-on. Nice fit with what I want to do I’m thinking. Keep inspiring us :)

Robert Rodriguez March 6, 2010

Hi Tom, you blew me away at the BM event this past January. I felt as if I were attending a science fiction event. It was really mind blowing. Thank you.

I am interested in the Clarity Toolkit if it is still available.

Thanks again for elevating what I consider possible.

ETF March 9, 2010

Sounds very interesting!

Joseph (Rosey) Rosenberger March 20, 2010

Interested in the kit!

Deborah DeGolyer April 5, 2010

Just heard your TED talk on how the brain creates meaning. I’m very interested in your Clarity Toolkit.

Kumar Sambandan April 22, 2010

I am surprised I have not come across you all these years.
I have been in Design and Technologyt Implementation for almost 20 years and have wanted to network with people who can make the promise of design and technology in a reality!

I would love the tool kit and would like to meet you when you are next in Detroit/Chicago areas.

ajit Dandekar April 22, 2010

i am curious about the clarity toolkit and looking forward for it

Vinoth Mohanram April 22, 2010

Tom.. I saw you on TED and was immediately impressed… I have been interested with IDEO and the deign gods of the world and trying to implement some in our organization.
I am really looking forward to your Clarity toolkit…


Alexander Preis April 23, 2010

would love to see this toolkit.

Leonel Fonseca April 25, 2010

I learned about you while browsing on TED´s website, your presentation was interesting so I´d like to know more about your work.
I´d really love to get the Clarity Toolkit.

Thanks a lot,


Alain Albert April 25, 2010

i’d love to see this tool. if it can work with an old not for profit research company, it would be amazing.

Young H. Song April 25, 2010

It was a very interesting presentation on the marshmallow problem at TED. I love to see your Clarity Toolkit.

Josh Davis April 26, 2010

Tom, I saw your videos on Ted which led me to your site and this toolkit. Your talks and ideas have inspired me to reexamine the processes at work. I very much look forward to seeing your Clarity Toolkit and implementing some of the larger ideas you have expressed through your research and understanding.

All the best,