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Clarity Toolkit

Today I’m posting the initial launch of the beta version of the Clarity Toolkit: Bringing Business Back to its Senses. If you’re interested in downloading a copy of the 80 page handbook, a poster, and a deck of 80 cards, sign up below and I’ll send you a beta copy within a few weeks.

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84 Responses to “Signup for the Open Source Clarity Toolkit”

Barbara April 27, 2010

I saw your presentation at Ted. It was awesome.
I look forward to getting the Open Source Clarity Toolkit.

Will Summers April 27, 2010

I sought out your website after viewing your TED presentation. I am very interested in your toolkit. Thanks.

Will Summers

dt ogilvie April 27, 2010

I’ve read your books and am very interested in reading this. In fact, i sent you an email about what appears to be an error in one of your puzzles. Unfortunately, I never heard back, but I hope you found the feedback useful.

Steve Pick April 27, 2010

Loved your TED talks. The marshmallow experiment is excellent. Would love to learn more about your ideas.


Donna Barthel April 29, 2010

Since the antidote to chaos and confusion is not control-but clarity, I can not wait to see this toolkit

Beverly moore May 1, 2010

Hurray for simplicity and creativity! I just watched your Ted.com video and felt a rush of fresh air pour through the gridlock of ‘business as usual’. I want to learn more, please!

bArt Boucké May 1, 2010

I had never heard of Tom Wujec before :(
So I never had the opportunity to attend on of his presentations :((

But I’m a visual thinker since birth,so it seems :)
Fortunately for me, I live in the age of multimedia & beyond on Internet :))

Thank you for sharing some really great ideas & presentations!
I am eagerly looking forward to what comes next!!

Daniel Väcklén May 2, 2010

Yes, please!

Amy Gordon Stokes May 7, 2010

Enjoying your content via TED. Googled your name, Tom. Thanks for sharing.

Harvey Summers May 13, 2010

I am working on trying to get our company to better visualize its complexity in an effort to simplify. I’m selling the idea and can use any help you can give me. Thanks.

Bill Phillips May 21, 2010

Thanks for this oportunity

kat thompson May 26, 2010

I really enjoyed your talk at Thinking Digital conference yesterday - I’m really eager to check out the Clarity Toolkit, please let us know when beta is ready! :) Thanks

Hippocrates Nikolakopoulos June 5, 2010

I saw your TED presentation on Build a tower, build a team and that led me to your site and “the clarity tool”.

I will be honored to experiment with your “clarity tool”.

Andrew Warner June 12, 2010

I’m interested in the Clarity Toolkit. I’m chairman of a public primary school board and am interested in anything that can help us focus and understand our school and its environment.

I hope I’m not too late.

Silas Okwoche July 10, 2010

Hello Tom

Your talks and ideas are a true inspiration and I’m finding ways to apply them in bring change to Africa… respect !!

Please send me a copy of the Open source Clarity toolkit.


Tony Dovale August 20, 2010

Hi Tom - great video - I’m interested in your offer to use with my real team building activities in Gauteng South Africa http://www.lifemasters.co.za. I look forward to experimenting with your toolkit.

( Clarity Toolkit: Bringing Business Back to its Senses. If you’re interested in downloading a copy of the 80 page handbook, a poster, and a deck of 80 cards, sign up below and I’ll send you a beta copy within a few weeks)


Tony Dovale

Timothy Smith October 19, 2010

Please send me the Clarity Toolkit. I appreciate the creativity and visual strategic thinking you presented at the GreenBiz Innovative Forum.

jason switzer December 21, 2010

Id be very interested in your Clarity Toolkit, as i am working on building an SD vision in my company. thanks!!

john bates December 27, 2010

I would be interested in the Clarity Toolkit. I run computer workshops for beginners

Jackie Moore December 28, 2010

if you are still providing downloads of your Clarity Toolkit: Bringing Business Back to its Senses handbook, poster, and deck of cards, I’d like to receive it!

Jorge January 6, 2011


I would like to take a look at the Clarity Toolkit: Bringing Business Back to its Senses.

Thanks in advance!


Jerome Fisher January 9, 2011

I am working on making a blog like
Signup for the Open Source Clarity Toolkit. I still have a way to go, and certainly don’t yet get the traffic you seem to get. if you can, please give me some feedback on http://fashion-4-girls.com as I know it needs a tune up. Nice site, sincerely, Jerome Fisher

Randy Miller January 16, 2011

Saw your TED talks - great content!

Visualizing and collaborating on a strategic plan intrigues me. I lead a non-profit and would be curious to integrate your framework to help us create more value in our community.

If the opensource clarity toolkit is still available for download, please let me know. I would love to try it out with my team.

sizegenetics April 18, 2011

Simply, admirable what you have done here. It is pleasing to look you express from the heart and your clarity on this significant content can be easily looked. Remarkable post and will look forward to your future update.

Norman Morgan April 23, 2011

Is the Clarity ToolKit still available? I am a robotics teacher in a high school. I am continually trying to find new ways to improve our program.

Adrian Sexton June 22, 2011

Tom, would love a copy of the Clarity Toolkit. I think it would be an engaging post on innovation. Just ordered your latest book on Amazon. AS

Mike Anderson July 17, 2011

I know this is a very old post but I am hoping to take a look at the Clarity Toolkit and I couldn’t find another source on your web site. Thanks.

dsi vs dsixl July 26, 2011

Do you people have a facebook fan page for Signup for the Open Source Clarity Toolkit? I looked for for one online but couldn’t find it, I’d love to become your fan!

Hannah Lewis August 3, 2011

I have clearly stumbled on this rather late! But it sounds interesting and useful… I am exploring the possibility of open-sourcing a business plan, and imagine this could help as a basis for clarity and shared understanding of the choices to be made. Please send me a copy if they are still available. Thanks very much!

Bill Danner March 23, 2012

Please send Clarity Toolkit