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GIL 2009 Conference

On September 13th, 2009, I’ll be opening the Frost & Sullivan North American GIL conference to a group of about 500 CEOs, VPs and Executives. The keynote, called Design as Strategy explores the following topics important to CEOs interested in growing their organizations:

Keynote: 30 minutes
Design is a discipline, a way of thinking and working that systematically creates real customer value and deep competitive separation. Any organization that strives to innovate profitably, must master four principles of design: 360 degree thinking; effective prototyping; creative collaboration; and impeccable execution. Using examples from many industries, Tom Wujec will illustrate how organizations - large and small - can apply these fundamental principles to drive innovation and growth, learning how to:

○ Implement approaches that encourage 360 degree thinking, explicitly clarifying the value of new products, services or process innovations from not one, but several points of view, especially those of the customer.
○ Through case studies, demonstrate how organizations are making the shift from problem-solving to design-thinking by the clever use of extended prototypes.
○ Foster creative collaboration by establishing the appropriate languages, transactions and values for cross-functional teams to build a culture that thrives on fresh thinking.
○ Establish metrics that drive exploration and discovery as well as execution and profit, rewarding both expansive and focused thinking.

As well, I’ll deliver a longer workshop to a smaller group of executives:

Workshop: 90 minutes

Visible innovation is a remarkable practice that dramatically enhances a team’s capacity to create new products, profitable services and elegant solutions by using the language of design. Drawn from leading innovators from the entertainment, architectural, product design and manufacturing industries as well as recent advances in brain science, visible innovation demonstrates how leaders can create powerful environments that teams can use to clarify their thinking and coordinate their actions.

This dynamic hands-on workshop introduces the principles of visible innovation, demonstrating how to use images to clarify meaning, facilitate discussion, increase engagement, deepen understanding and focus action. Participants will take-away a set of visual templates to visualize their own innovation activities - mapping both their intangible and tangible project elements including competitive landscapes, unmet customer needs, project vision, even the happiness of the innovation team. Participants will also design their own innovation rooms reflecting their organizational innovation strategies. No drawing experience or skill is necessary.

For more information about the conference, visit Frost & Sullivan’s GIL page.

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