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At TED2009, I gave a six-minute presentation on how the brain makes meaning from images. Essentially, this is a very brief visualization of how the brain visualizes, an excerpt from a more comprehensive 60 minute presentation prepared for the VizThink 2009 conference. Stay tuned for a longer version of the presentation.

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7 Responses to “TED2009 Talk”

Kurt Grela August 24, 2009

Glad to see you have your blog up and running. Ever since your presentation about Autodesk and innovation at the March 2009 INC GROWCO conference in Orlando, I’ve had a Google alert tagged with your name. I look forward to other updates.

Julian August 31, 2009

Dear Tom, well done!

Great to see your presentation at TED, and the potential impact of visualisation getting to a broader audience. It is a subject close to my heart too.

I was interested to hear about your three components for making images meaningful. this line of enquiry is something I work with a lot. In my experience I find that there are a few more elements that make images meaningful. they need to speak into peoples concerns, represent some aspect of current experience currently unexpressed and finally have some emotional impact by creating resonance with the audiences feelings.

I am sure there are more! Exploring how to make more powerful and meaningful imagery- particularly to help leaders make difficult decisions - is something that I think is really important - so if you are ever in London and would like to talk/draw/explore together drop me a line.



Julian August 31, 2009

oops I forgot- another elements is that, in my opinion, qualitative information will always have more impact than quantitative. what do you think?